01. Company

Ebro is a brand owned by Compex Finish S.r.l., a company founded from Mr. Besso Cordero Pierluigi on 1980. Compex Finish, under the brando f Ebro, produce and sell chemicals for leather finishing addressed to the Tannery Industry.
The company is site inside the industrial area of Baldissero Canavese, a village located in the foothills area of the Gran Paradiso massif.

02. Vision

Compex Finish and Ebro sales are mainly make abroad and it’s the results of one of the visions that Mr. Besso Cordero has had more then 30 years ago.
That time He already understood how will been the importance which the foreigner markets would be had in the future. Following such Vision Mr. Besso started with a series of investments that brought him to build the new factory and buy machinery for produce the chemicals. But he mainly has invested in Human Capital, resource that allowed to the Ebro and Compex brands to grow up.

03. Evolution

Result of such multi decade work is what nowadays Compex has became: a building of 3500 square meters, made by two big shed connected by a large roof that allow to do the daily operations of charge and discharge of the goods in an ideal condition, even in case of bad weather. Beside the production and the warehouse there are a couple of laboratories: one for Development and Research, and one for the application trials.

We are working every day with the aim that our chemicals could be a reference for about the yield and quality and, for reinforce such aspect, we decided to register our two trade marks, Compex and Ebro. The quality have ever been a key point of the development of the two brands and we can frankly said that all the companies that using our chemicals confirme such feature of our products.

For us this is a pride reason and represent a kind of mantra that has always inspired the mission of Mr. Besso Cordero Pierluigi until becaming also our main rule, his more precious teaching, the key to a success that, even if slow, continue to reward us.


Ebro Chemicals - Italy headquarters
Ebro Chemicals - Italy headquarters
Ebro Chemicals - China headquarters
Ebro Chemicals - Pakistan headquarters
Ebro Chemicals - Turkey headquarters
Ebro Chemicals - India headquarters